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Nha Trang

9.03am we departed the ship on a tender boat and arrived onshore 8 minutes later. Quick as.
This time it was a mini bus private barter at the port gate. Our cost was US$50 per couple. So 4 couples....you do the math.
Driven along Nha Trang beach and our first stop was Long Son Pagoda, home if the seated Buddha.
Next stop was Po Hangar Cham Towers, a complex if old temples near the old fishing village.

A little retail therapy at Cho Dam markets. We changed some money at a watch shop, but didn't end buying anything ????

One venue we unfortunately missed was the National Maritime Museum right on the dock. Other fellow cruisers said it was worth a visit.

Back onboard for the 5pm bonus happy hour drinks for suite guests. Followed by the Royal Caribbean Music in the Pictures' show.
Our fellow bikers to be, Sandra, mentioned she and fiance had done a Chef Dat cooking day.

Photos to follow.

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Hoi An & Da Nang

Another privately arranged small tour group, this time not by ourselves but Phil from the UK. Marble Mountains, marble carving factory, and Hoi An old town with a drive by the beach to see the world heritage sites, Japanese Bridge & a Chinese traditional house. also we stopped to look at the 17 storey high Lady Buddha statue on Monkey Mountain.

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Ha Long Bay

The ship docked.

We saw Rob's new boat moored next to us.

We cruised past Dog rock and many of these small passenger boats.

Followed by the fighting cocks which looks like a fish on the other. In 10-15 years these rocks are expected to fall into the ocean due to erosion by the sea.


We decided we were capable of climbing the 135 steps into the cave, walk around & take the 135 steps back out of the cave. Once you start there is no turning back as the ship leaves to pick you up at the cave exit. It's huge. It was called surprise cave. It is World Heritage listed as I'd all of Ha Long Bay.









We then cruised across to Luon Cave to take a double kayak and explore this cave. It has lots of small monkeys climbing all over them. We saw a gold breasted small bird. We enjoyed a lunch on board the boat of local food whilst we were anchored amongst the islands. Time for a paddle in the ocean at Ti Top Island and relax on the beach before boarding the boat for out trip back to our big ship.

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Leaving Hong Kong - part 2

Back online. Thank everything for free wi-fi at cafe's.
Checked into the ship, a smooth process, and cruised out if Hong Kong harbour.

We even got access to Silver Services as, although only in a Junior Suite, we had been sent an email suggesting we were to get full Suite privileges. The Loyalty ambassador then provided us with some of the higher level perks, for the distress if thinking we were getting ALL the perks. And number of other Junior Suite cruisers also got these extras with us, and we regularly met up for 5pm freebies in the Star Lounge. Hic!..

Our first formal night, after a cocktail party party earlier on the first day.

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Leaving Hong Kong - part 1

A first look out if the window in the morning by Ian gave us this image....Riot Police walking down the road

A quick brekkie at, you guessed it, Starbucks and after a quick stroll up and down Nathan Road we are ready to grab the taxi to the Kai Tak cruise terminal. HK$110 later and are at the terminal.
We decide to check the bags in and take a walk on the Runway Park. The cruise terminal used to be the Hong Kong International Airport up till the late 90's. What a sight that would have been, landing in the middle of the city between all those tall buildings.

Next step is to check-in to the ship. We might be going dark for while, unless wifi becomes available.

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A stroll in the garden

The day again began in a leisurely fashion. But, we had to remember that breakfast finished at 10am, so we had to get up.
A walk back up Nathan street to find the shop that sold Deborah here new phone cover. It didn't work properly so she wanted a refund! Humpfff. No refunds. So we grabbed a foldup umbrella and ran for it...

On the way back to the hotel we went into a shop we'd seen the day before, but which had been closed. The HK Automobile Association shop. Some nice car models, as well as strange people looking thru the window.

We dragged ourselves into a department store, very similar to Myers. Ian discovered some Peanuts/Snoopy plates and bowls. The set of 12 items was $1499HK. Approximately AU$325...
Deborah also found in the same store some cute Minion kids shoes...
After a quick refresh at the hotel we ventured off for the day, heading towards where we believed the harbour light show was to be at 8pm. Just around the corner from the hotel we found a 2 storey Lego store, Let's Go. Some great stuff. A model mini for HK1000.

We heard public transport was good in Hong Kong we saw lots and lots of people & busses filled with people. Loads of people on the streets.

We stumbled across the Kowloon Park, a patch of greenery and fauna in the city. It had the HK Avenue of Comic Stars.

In the Japanese section of the park we found some turtles

And pretty pink flamingos.
Venturing further on the way to the light show we found a few dolphins.

We then decided to put our feet up for a few minutes & enjoy another Starbucks experience in Hong Kong.

After the well earned break we ventured forth to the Victoria harbour front. We walked along the Avenue of Stars, handprints of Hong Kong movie stars, editors and directors. The hand prints are etch imprinted into brass tablets along the walkway fence.
Unfortunately we kept on hearing warnings about some Typhoon Level 1, so things started getting wet and windy. Asking a couple of locals, it appeared the light show might not be on, due to this pesky Typhoon.

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Navigating the Laneways of Hong Kong

A Father's Day Breakfast to start the day.

A stroll to the top floors hotel to see the views. The pool was closed due to a Typhoons warning.

We decided on a morning constitutional, which spread into the afternoon. But as we left the hotel we spied the following signage.
IMG_20190901_113249750_HDR.jpg IMG_20190901_113404542_HDR.jpg

Starbucks to celebrate Father's Day in style with Ian

Artwork seen on a stairway on the way to the Ladies Market after following a lane filled with tile pictures.
And then a lady found The Ladies Market. A 4 block long road of market stalls.

We watched people working in AM.PM to make a variety of deserts. They were very popular with everyone. People waiting up to 7 minutes for one. They had models of Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Bart Simpson.

We walked through the Peace Garden. A place for rest & relaxation. Groups of people were playing some board game together peacefully of course. Ian reflects on his day.
And, although the MRT station near our hotel had been attacked we didn't need to worry, as we found The Railway Shop, a maze of all manner of model trains and accessories.

The time in Hong Kong is the same as back home in Australia.

One more sleep til our sailaway.

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We are going bonkers for Honkers

We decided to commence our holiday Friday leisurely as our Flight from Perth was 1.10am Saturday morning. After a sleep in, checking our luggage requirements one last time we headed to Perth around midday. Caught up with Jeremy then Natalie. Enjoyed a lovely dinner & catch up where Annette joined us. A quick shower then off to the airport.

Our Singapore Airlines flights were both on time. Perth to Singapore then Singapore to Hong Kong. Of course waiting at an airport looks the same the world over. This is Hong Kong.

Awaited our bus connection then headed to the Prudential Hotel. Over some very impressive bridges and past multi storey accommodation.

Freshened up & a nap then we were off to hit the streets. It was slightly wet. Not too bad, but it made navigating Temple Markets interesting without an umbrella.
After a nice evening walk, with no riots, we headed to a local restaurant. The Coconut Tree Thai. And of course you have to eat/drink a coconut. IMG_20190831_204219360.jpg
Later in the meal we did experience the riots. As 4 black dressed, and masked vigilantes stormed quietly into the restaurant for a meal.

Live Man City game shown only in Hong Kong. And Ian was very happy again, a win for City.

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Nannup Garden & Flower Festival 2019

As we know plants require rain to grow. The Nannup Flower & Garden festival provided the rain. It fined up for Saturday. Here is a view from our dining room.

We have attended several presentations such as "Growing microgreens" with Steve Wood. Attended a Gardener & The Chef, "Treasures from the sea" presented by Deryn & Steve. We were given a sample of Kefir to make up at home. It has Probiotics which are good for the gut.

Then visited Merri Bee Farmacy. Where we were served up a lovely glass of lemonade.

We have also had a few visitors. The Patey Family from Busselton & Cecilia from Nannup.
Parked up beside were the Jones's.

We visited the town hall and it's displays.

Sunday, our day to leave Nannup for now, Deborah couldn't resist doing a workshop on making a Kokedama.

Had a farewell cuppa with our neighbours Michele & Gary.

Back home safe & sound as we swung past the iconic Busselton Jetty.

Melba & Rocky performed like a smooth couple on the dance floor.

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End of Shakedown

Easy hookup on another windy drive home. All's intact.

Picture captured by Paul & Christine who own a Manta Ray as we turned into our suburb. Thanks.

News flash, if you wish to see some further info about us & our New Age Oz Classic tune in to the Caravan & Camping WA on Saturday 27 July at 5.30 on channel 7. They came to film us this week.

Happy camping!
Our next trip out will be to Nannup Garden & Flower Festival August 16th & 17th.

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Shakedown day 2

After the weather cleared up a little we took a drive over the estuary to the Bunbury city markets, and picked up some Capel mandarins plus some yummie marinated prawns and scallops. Returning them to Melba we indulged in a coffee before heading off again, but this time walking.

We found the kids playground on the koombana foreshore, the local sculpture, and a few relaxing chairs along the beach walkway.

As we headed into town for lunch we came across some wall artwork.

Lunch was at The Rose Hotel. Ribs and a stir-fry of sweet potato glass noodles with beef and mushrooms. Plus a ginger beer and Guinness.

As we walked back to Melba we noticed another van we recognised. Lynne & Missey came to stay also. Of course we got together for a cuppa & a chat.

We are heading back home tomorrow.

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Shakedown with Melba


We emptied most of the weight from Melba, water, gas etc...and she then appeared, after a tow ball weight check, to be light enough for Squiggle to tow.
So we decided to do a quick, short, shakedown trip using our freebie Discovery Parks voucher. Bunbury Foreshore here we come.
Great weather, not! But it's the adventure we were craving.
Even managed a cuppa when we arrived.
Of course this is a shakedown trip, so we are coming across things we need to refine, such as Ian remembering to bring the spirit Level, although he did load an app which has worked a treat.
Also those pots n pans we swore were induction cooktop compatible....

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Cervantes experience 2019

As we approached Cervantes we encountered the Meringue sand dunes.

We have had an interesting and enjoyable windy & occasionally wet time at the RAC Cervantes Holiday Park with fellow New Age Tribe Members

We had a walk around town saw the Lobster Shack which hosts many tourist buses. Had dinner at the country club where they celebrated our arrival with fireworks

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Cervantes here we come

Ian & I headed off Thursday afternoon from Busselton for our New Age Tribe gathering at Cervantes.

It was a cloudy windy day that threatened rain on & off all day. We had heard that the Forrest Highway was closed due to a Bushfire at Baldivis. We had 2 options, South West Highway or risk the Forrest Highway. It was going to take a few hours to get to Baldivis and we are rebels. Luck was with us. Shortly before we reached Baldivis they had opened the North Bound lanes. We drove past the raging fire which was on the side of the road Southbound. In fact we saw several trees high up in the canopy still burning. Lots of Fire truck & brave Fireman.


We drove through a very busy Perth as everyone was heading home from work.

After a quick pit stop for fuel and a number one we continued on our roadtrip to our overnight stop at Wilbinga Conservation area, passed Two Rocks & before Moore River. As we drove in we saw another New Age Van. A Wallaby. Our friends Karen & Phil were very happy to see us as it is their first free camping night.

We have had a cuppa and a lovely pot of spaghetti bolognaise.

Our friends then joined us for a catch up chat over a drink or two & a lovely lamington.

We now have 4 caravans staying here overnight.

Night night all. Sleep tight.

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Come visit the Ferguson Valley in the lovely South West of W

We headed off on a Trip to Ferguson Valley recently and were very impressed with scenery, wineries, the Wild Bull Brewery & especially Gnomsville.

First stop St Aidan Winery for a wee wine tasting. We arrived as a wedding party was gathering. A very impressive location. We were impressed with the Chardonnay 2015 & a lovely cab Sauvignon 2016.

Next stop Gnomsville.
The gnome planning Department has approved lots of planning and improvement applications recently. Here are some pictures for you to see for yourself.


Then off to Willow Bridge Estate was the largest winery in the Region. We were treated to see tastings inside the barrel room. The outstanding wines we tasted were the 2018 Dragonfly Chardonnay & then there appeared the 2017 Gravel Pit Shiraz. For those of you that have tasted Harvey Freshs OMG ( Oh My God) cheese this wine is a winner.


We finished off our Valley visit at The Wild Bull Brewery where we samples some beer, wine, ginger beer ( Deborah's favourite so far) and taste plates & pizza.

All the Ferguson Valley people were very welcoming. All the wineries in this Region are family owned. They are located in the Geograph wine region where one of our other favourite wineries is Whicher Ridge winery is located.

Best bet if your heading over for a visit, drop into the Dardanup Visitor centre and pick up a map of the area. We don't want you to miss out on anything. Until next time.


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