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A quickie in Bunbury by the Sea

After a little bit of insurance work at the Doctor's in Busselton we grabbed Melba by the nose & took her off for a quickie. After driving through Ludlow Forrest.

Parked up at the 48 hour rest area at Back Beach, Bunbury.

Ocean views with sunsets each day. Our Friday night was a dinner & sunset at the Bunbury Surf Life Saving Club. A $10 meal. Magic.

Earlier in the day we took a walk down to town. We checked out the Bunbury Art Scene and were informed they have the largest collection of original street art in Regional Australia.

The Bunbury Art Gallery building was originally a Sisters of Mercy Nuns Convent. It was free entry.
Two of the displayed art themes were steel and glass...plus other artistic materials.

Saturday found us sleeping in hearing the waves on the shore but later the occasional car started to drive by. This was our cue to wander into town and support Bunbury with our hard cold cash. A delightful lunch was had at Natural Temptations cafe.

After we arrived back to to Melba to deposit our purchases we went for a walk up to Marlston Hill & the Rotary Lookout, via the Lighthouse.

Sun is just going down now with a lovely glow on the horizon.

Home tomorrow for Soiree.

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Food & wine at Donnybrook

On our drive we had a call from our good friend Cecilia who organised to meet up with us at Donnybrook. What a pleasant surprise. We caught up on her about her recent holiday to Kota Kinabalu where she saw for the first time some pygmies elephants, orangutans, proboscis monkeys & Gibbons in the wild.

Our weekend camping friends arrived. Michele & Gary and got settled. We went for a stroll to see the community gardens which was looking very productive. They were growing a basil, celery, tomatoes, zuchinnis that were green & yellow, corn, sunflowers, eggplants and so much more.

A quick stroll to the local IGA for some salads found us detouring into the Red Cross store. Deborah found some new plates and serving platter for the van. Michele mentioned if she'd seem them first there could have been a fight on.
Our set up at the Donnybrook transit centre.

The boys chose to move the cars to the rear of the vans after reading this sign on the fence surrounding the cricket oval in front of us and watching a chap mark lines on the oval.

Michele, Gary, Ian & I attended an Olive oil appreciation session.

We walked down to the Food & Wine Festival today with our neighbours Michele & Gary. We heard the thunder from a toy run in town with people on a variety of bikes dressed up all Christmassy with toys for all those who perhaps would not have had presents this Christmas. What a sight.

Who did we meet up with at the Donnybrook Food & Wine event but Rose, Rob & Diane. What a lovely day we all had. We listened to talented singers & this one was an exceptional singer. We think Kate Hindle will go far.

Remember as a child seeing a steep grassed slope, remembering a time you slid down it on cardboard or rolled the whole way down till you were as giddy as. The children were having so much fun doing just that. It was great to see the smiles on there faces.

Ian spied a Morris 100 van he quite liked, so he couldn't resist the urge to look under its hood.b63bd410-137f-11ea-899d-39ace05e26ef.jpg

Then there were the vintage motorbikes

We strolled home to enjoy another relaxing night at our campsite. Tonight we had some young car club enthusiasts sharing the campgrounds with us.

Another relaxing weekend away with friends was had. Until nextime. Thanks for your friendship & the memories we share along the way.

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New Age Tribe at Fonty's

A quick getaway for an overnighter at Greenbushes. Nice spot just off the highway next to the ovals and tennis courts. This provided a flushing toilet, with working lights. Bonus. You can stay up to 7 days...and there are camping spots behind the ovals, which are quieter, less highway noise. There were already 2 vans parked up for the night.

Morning saw us driveoff, via a look through the townsite, towards Manjimup and Fontys Pool caravan park.
Unfortunately we arrived close to 10.30am, only to be told ar reception the paperwork stipulates 2pm checkin. We parked the van in the visitors area and made a cuppa.
At noon we did an early check in, found our bay, and did a wander around to see some of the 'Tribe' members who had arrived days earlier.

Friday night was a byo bbq arrangement.
Here we have esky Phil and Karen. They are Mandalay regulars every February.

Later in the day Phil discovered the amazing Charlie's Angels.

Saturday included a sausage sizzle by the crew from New Age Perth dealership. Sunday found them providing a bacon and egg breakfast for Tribe members prior to our checkout.
Paul and Chris joined us for brekkie.

New Age Perth also, again, provided advice and help where needed with each caravan. Here they are planning their day. We can clearly see this from our front window.
The Firey crew came to the event to shoot a segment for caravan & camping WA to be shown in the New Year. Needless to say we are goig to have another 15 seconds of fame so prepare yourself. Here is a drone pic they took.

Our Saturday night Christmas party provided some controversy in the Bad Santa presents. Deborah never ended up with her first choice cushion she had chosen, but she is having great fun with her twin Naughty Elves, we have named them Enid and Evan. They had great fun on our journey home.
As you can see they can be seen here hanging around. At our morning tea break they were out & about at the Nannup Ampitheatre. When they grow up they might want to be electricians.

There was also a Saturday night Christmas lights competition.

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A wedding country style

First stop Pinjarra to see the fat controller, but none in sight. Perhaps he has retired.
We heard about 3 trains in the night.
A stroll across the bridge revealed flowing water across the Weir. The area near the swing bridge & buildings are being renovated. No entry was permitted. As you can see the free camp area was very busy, always room for a few more campers. It's interesting how quiet the area is at 8 pm. The bar across the road had pie & skimpy night. Deborah had cooked our dinner so we had a quiet night in.
With the installation of a PC board to our hot water system we were able to have a hot shower on gas.

Next day we travelled to Goomalling caravan park, run by the council. There was a pool right next door & the entry fee was $2 pp. Very good value we thought. Shame the council had not got the message to the locals that the pool was open again as the days were hot here. 47 degrees Saturday.

There was a severe fire alert in the area.

When in Goomalling why not visit the Community Resource Centre/ Library

We headed off to the Konnongorring Hall where buses ferried the guests down the road to "The White Dam" for the wedding. There was a fire truck on hand in case of a fire on the property.

The country wedding of the newly weds went off without a hitch. It was 47 degrees in the sun. You guessed it we, the guests were all in the shade with bottles of cold water to stay hydrated.
Here are some of the pictures we took of Mr & Mrs Dew's wedding day. We were very honoured to be invited.

On the way back to Busselton we stopped off at Caversham for a cuppa on the roadside & a slice of country wedding cake.

Met up with Margot & Andrew for lunch at Pinelli Winery Restaurant for a lovely lunch & headed home along the SouthWest Highway. Arrived home safely.

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We got the Blues at Bridgetown - again

After another successful punt at a competition on the Triple MMM Southwest radio station, we organised our free camping session for the 2019 Blues at Bridgetown.
We park up at the Bridgetown showgrounds, no power or water, but plenty of sunshine this year.
It hit mid to high 30's on Saturday.
Of course included in your weekend entry prize pack is a free lunch, with booze, at the Bridgetown Hotel. We sat upstairs on the veranda and watched the masses walk by on Saturday.

Of course the weekend wouldn't be The Blues without some music. Artists included Z-Star Trinity, with a fabulous drummer, Russell Morris, Diesel and many more including Hussy Hicks and 19Twenty.

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Horseing around on Kulin Bush Races race day

The night before race day was showery and windy. The rain helped soften the track a little, even if it didn't bring a smile to the farmer's faces.
It is the races 25th anniversary.

The tin can horses built to be auctioned off with prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd. 8 horses line up for their own race. The remainder of the proceeds is donated to the RFDS.

You can vote for the best new Tin Horse. Winners will join the Tin Horse Highway.

And there are many vans, campers and tenters onsite

Spot the van with the triangle

The horses were a impressive sight.

Dust kicked up by the horses was an ever present hazard.

Of course the New Zealanders were catered for...

After the races are finished you can warm yourself by some fires, while the band plays.

Or you can watch the fireworks...

Sunday morning saw us heading off to an unplanned location. Before we got onto the main road we were in a gridlock, full of caravans and horse floats.
And what caused this traffic jam you may ask? A random breathe test station, with one officer doing the testing!

We picked up some morning tea and lunch at Narrogin, at the only place open in town, but supposedly the best pie place. Ran into the bus load of football guys from Busselton, who also had been at Kulin for the races. Some were still a bit the worse for wear, and a couple had trouble staying upright.
Walking back to our home on wheels we came across a couple enquiring about our van and car. They were a couple from Tasmania, who asked where are all the caravans coming from as they were coming from the opposite direction. We enlightened them about the Kulin Bush Race weekend. They also have a New Age van, and a jeep grand cherokee.

Lunch at Collie, where we made the decision to head for Bunbury and the free camping area at Wyalup-Rocky Point. Unfortunately the Info Centre, where you should pick up a permit, was closed so just heading to the parking bay anyway!
The camping area provides you with a great sunset view, and access to beach activities.
Dinner for the last night of this adventure was a Bunbury restaurant with a view, Back Beach Cafe.
Home tomorrow to get Deborah to work on Tuesday.

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We've made it to the Kulin Bush Races 25th anniversary

The Kulin Program

Setting up at the track. When we arrived just before lunch there were 200 vans here. They are expecting 4000 people.
The whole area fills up with swags, tents, campers & vans. It's an amazing event.

Walked past a tin horse sculpture.

Saw an interesting site. A ute filled with beer on the back for delivery to the races with two children inside. The driver stopped, hopped out to talk to a mate in another vehicle and it started to roll back. Luckily for him, the kids & the ute, by the time it rolled back a few metres he jumped in and stuck on that handbrake.
And nothing stops the beer getting to the Bush Races.

We took a walk to the top of jilikan rock to see the view of the campsite and the salt lake.

Headed into town for a trip today. Here are some horses we found along the way.

We visited the motor museum run by the Men's Shed. The gentlemen Keven & Charlie were very friendly & showed us throughout. They were refurbishing a Chevy Ute, Number, Plymouth, Bedford ute, Ford T, Harley Honda Goldwing & a sunbeam motorbike.

Back to the track and the Horses are starting to arrive.

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Wildflower walk and Lake adventure

Set off to find some Dumbleyung wildflowers...

After our unsucessful journey to Tarin Rock Reserve yesterday we went to a spot in town that the local CRC (Community Resource Centre) had suggested. It was next to one of Deborah's favourite locations, the Hospital. We had some success.

Found a scaley fellow crawling around the Bush.

We went for a drive to see the size of Lake Dumbleyung. Wow was it big. 16km long x 6.5km wide. No wonder Donald had plenty of room to float his Bluebird. The view was certainly impressive! Take a look for yourself.

On the dirt road to Lake Dumbleyung we managed to see a racehorse goanna. Unfortunately we didnt get a photo, but fortunately Ian did avoid running over it as it crossed the road to get to the other side, between the front and the back wheels. It must have been on its way to the Kulin Bush Races. We would put $2 on that one any day.

Its wheat, sheep and canola country out here.

We will upsticks today, next stop will be Kulin to prepare ourselves for the races and adventure ahead.

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Gnaala Mia to Dumbleyung

A mid morning departure from Gnaala Mia saw us picking up some fuel at Arthur River. Very friendly service, a step up from the Williams fuel stop. A slight hiccup before we arrived into Arthur River was the loss of the passenger side caravan mirror. We pulled over when safe to do so. Went for a walk back down Albany Highway. Just over a kilometre down the road we were created by some locals who were driving to Perth. They drove past us as we were walking without haste. They spotted the mirror, put 2 & 2 together, stopped, picked it up & brought it back to us. Then kindly drove us back to our van.

We drove past 2 large blue painted trees today.

Our morning tea stop was by the Raging Wagin Ram, a very imposing fellow.
Wagin has even got in on the Tin Horse Highway gig...

Lunchtime we reached our destination Dumbleyung.

Dumbleyung, famed for Donald Campbell's water speed record on Lake Dumbleyung in 1964. He managed a new record of 445 kmh.
This bust, on the main street, is made from layers of chicken wire. IMG_20190930_161618257.jpg


During our walk around town we came across many aspects of the town's history, dating back to its establishment in 1907.

A lovely late afternoon drive through the surrounding countryside found us admiring the vistas...

To support this friendly town we had dinner at the historic Dumbleyung pub, the G.O.D.I., Grande Olde Dumbleyung Inne. Deborah has found another Ginger Beer to her liking.

Our second day saw us spending some Time, and money, in a local shop Dumbleyung Mini Mall. Lovely shop, lovely lady, and she made us a free coffee with biscuits, slices and chocolate brownie. Yum.

Just so you all know, the mini washing machine is working like a dream.

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Gnaala Mia wildflower walk

Trying to find Kenny and Rodgers, maybe even Dolly, but no luck this time. But we had a very pleasant walk through the bush, and saw a few wildflowers.


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Trip to the Kulin races

We headed off Saturday with our flask full of hot water for our cuppa stop along the way.

We stopped at one of our farmers stalls between Donnybrook & Mumbellup to pick up some fresh apples and I couldn't resist the small pumpkin also. We like to support our local farmers.

We passed one of our favourite free camping stops Glen Mervyn Dam. There were plenty of campers along the banks & the water was high enough for the ski boats also.

We stopped at Collie for morning tea. Clean flushing toilet & even had a coin operated shower should you ever need one when passing.

On the roadside heading towards Williams there were plenty of sprays of red kangaroo paws & many array of wildflowers.

We arrived at Gnaala Mia, about 20km past Williams in the Dryandra Forrest. A quick set up was had and it was right into relaxing mode. A beer o'clock walk around the 2 ring roads to chat to fellow campers.

We took off down the dirt roads, ( yes dirt roads) into the Barna Mia Nocturnal Animal Sanctuary for a Wildlife Experience. Ian pre booked through Department of Wildlife for us to attend the tour. Costs were $22 each. Adult Concession is $16. Family (2Adults + 2 children $55)

We were privileged to walk through the sanctuary & we got to see Woylie, Mala, Boodie, Quenda, Brushtail possum & baby & a male & pregnant Bilby. They used a red filtered spotlights for night vision which doesn't hurt the animals eyes.

We are on the lookout for Kenny & Rogers ( see our previous Kulin Race & Gnaala Mia blog entry) & possibly Dolly.

Today, Lazy Sunday, Ian noticed our camping neighbour had left the campsite leaving behind 2 big lumps of wood beside the firepit. Ian gloved up and walked spritely across to the vacant campsite as he reached the wood another two gentlemen had also arrive from a neighbouring campsite with the same objective. There was a stand off at 5 paces, sanity prevailed, a gentleman's discussion & an agreement had been made. Each campsite got a cut of the takings. Here's Ian hard at it.

As the sun started to swing over the yard arm it was time to open our awning for its first outing. The washing line attached and the towels were dancing to the music in the sunshine.

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Farewell Singapore

Our last full day and night in Singapore this time around. Leisurely start to the day, remember we are on holidays.
First stop, one of Deborah's interests, a tea shop. We had looked at this shop, Yixing Xuan Teahouse, on a previous day, www.yixingxuan-teahouse.com . This time we sat down and partook of a couple of teas.

We took our tea purchases back to the hotel and headed off again pounding the pavement.
Enjoyed another Green Tea Mango Refresher.

Popped across the road for some reflexology.

Passed some pram doggos.

On our walk to tonight's "Chang E Cabut to the moon: A.Mid-Autumn Jubilation of Music, Food and Fun we passed some street art at Armenian Street Botanical Gardens.
We also passed over the river and posed with the Marina Bay Sands in the background.

Something else Ian spied on our walk.
Here's a message from Mr Shoosh about Library etiquette.

Stopped to enjoy some local food at Food Republic, a more upmarket street food Hall. Finished off at Starbucks next door for a cuppa & wifi top up to keep you updated.

Here are some pictures of the "Festival of the moon" walk with lanterns and festivities of the night. We even attended a tea ceremony and tasted Moon cake. The Mid Autumn Moon Festival dates back thousands of years. The official date is on the 15th August on the lunar calendar each year.
Deborah was really concentrating when doing her Chinese calligraphy.
It was a fabulous last night in Singapore for this trip, it has been relaxing & great fun.

We have picked up our last minute shopping & juice, walked back thru the local market, and showered & checking out of our hotel, before our trip to Changi airport. Flying home today.

Signing off for now, see you on the next trip.

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We arrived at our accommodation, The Keong Saik Hotel & left our bags to go off exploring as we do.

Whilst walking into China Town we came across a Michelin Star restaurant named Hawker Chan..... & as we were taking a photo Ian noticed one of the Pommy couples from our Hoi An excursion. Turns out they are even staying at the same Hotel as us for a few nights before flying to Bali before flying home.

We continued further into Chinatown for a juice & to change some money.

Deborah loves the tea shops and sampling tea. The tea pots are amazing and so much fun.

Picked up some dinner at The Maxwell Food Court.

On the way back to the hotel we heard some traditional Chinese drumming & saw the Lion dance.

It is mid Autumn Moon cake festival, so music, dancing and lanterns.

Day 2 in Singapore
Ofcourse we headed off into town to do some shopping as you do. Another 2 distinctive Singaporean dress shirts and a pair of joggers for Ian to fit into the suitcase. Deborah found some gifts to add to her suitcase. We had some of the local foods & fruit for lunch in the shade of a pagoda.

We tried some refreshing Mango tea today in Chinatown and loved it..

Guess what we found in Chinatown, yes a Library.

Ian just couldn't find his way up to sit on this chair sitting on the Marina waterfront across from the Merlion.

We visited The Red Dot Design Museum, what an amazing place.

Artize Tailwater basin mixer - Love it
The flowing appearance mirrors the flow of water. A reflective surface underscores the natural graceful appearance & makes the metal appear almost liquid. Toward the base, the mixer widens & arches distinctively to balance the design & consistently conceals all technical details.
Red Dot Award - Manufacturer Jaquar & Co Pty Ltd

Safety gloves
The black pair: Granberg 5501
The work glove has flexible impact protection system on the back of the hand that guards against crushing forces & other impacts, directing it away from the hand.
The coloured glove: Granberg 9000 series.
The glove features protective elements to absorb impact. The crease lines on the palms follow anthropometric hand points to prevent fatigue during work. The materials are cut resistant, breathable,with bright colours that are highly visible.

Helmet Technology
Lumos: The bicycle helmet features lights, brake lights & indicators. The flashlight signals of the helmet can be controlled on the handlebar, while the brake lights are activated via a motion sensor.

Copenhagen Wheel
This is a self contained rear wheel electric bicycle system, which transforms a traditional bike into a hybrid e-bike. The app connected wheel is equipped with an electric motor, battery, and suite of sensors that work together to seamlessly amplify a riders pedal power.

Ring technology
By simply pressing the panic button which concealed in this smart ring, previously entered numbers can be dialled. Vibration gives the user the feedback that the alarm signal has been sent successfully.

Which one of these is not like the other?

Off to visit the Selangor Pewter store at the Marina Bay and picked up a couple of goodies.

We walked past this store. No yelling could be heard from inside. We just kept walking ofcourse.

We saw the Marina Bay Water & Light show which was a sight indeed.

Took a taxi home then ventured out to the Maxwell Foodcourt for a late dinner & walked back home.
Another amazing day in Singapore.

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Cruising into Singapore

We had a restful last day crusing. Deborah managed to finally get to the beginners Tai Chi lesson on the pool deck. We had a game of mini golf which Ian won. It was quite windy on deck 13.

We caught up with our fellow suite members for our final happy hour before dinner. Ruth, Fay, Joanne (daughter of Fay), and another Ian (hubby of Ruth), all from New Zealand.

We met up with some fellow cruisers & enjoyed a wonderful dinner onboard.
And as usual at the end of a cruise we listened to the crew sing farewell to us. Then off to see a fantastic show of two brothers who displayed precision coordination in a light filled juggling act.

We departed the ship as it heads for the dry dock for 40 days of labour intensive work. As we all left the ship the labourers were arriving. We will see the work in November 2020 as we plan to sail from Singapore to Brisbane.

And now for 3 days in Singapore to finish off our holiday before we head home to WA.

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Saigon by scooter

Ho Chi Minh sightseeing and food by scooter, with Scooter Saigon Tour Company Ltd . We were picked up at the port gate and returned to the same spot. Sandra and Brian from Canada joined us on this adventure. We hopped on our scooters, and were very ably manoeuvred through traffic by our 4 young lady riders.
First stop was the old Railway now Post Office, opposite Notre Dame Cathedral. Next to these is a laneway known as Bookshop laneway. On this day it was holding an exhibition of photographs of people and places in the north east province of Ha Giang.
Sampling the local foods. Starting off picking up traditional baguettes.
Then rode to see the banana in sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves roasted over charcoal.
Next stop was the oldest, at 81 years young, coffee shop in Saigon, where we watched the coffee being brewed on the 81 year old wood burner and the storage of water in a large urn to help purify the water. Cold tea followed by our choice of hot or cold Vietnamese coffee.

Walking around the flower markets in between the rain with our Canadian friends Sandra & Brian.


Ian found an umbrella to shelter under in a sudden downpour of rain.
We had the awning.
We also got to visit the Temple if the Lady of the Sea. People write wishes on paper and the amount they are donating.
Large coils of incence can be purchased and lit.

Final food stop was for pancakes and saw the making of the pancake cooked in a wok with turmeric, prawns and bean shoots. Folded some pancake into the thin rice paper and dipped in sweet fish sauce. On the side were pork and veg spring rolls with noodles. Great fun using chop sticks and dropping bits everywhere.
Discussion at the pancake palace turned to the next stop. Was it retail therapy, that had been mentioned earlier, or a massage? Our young riders contacted the spa, and we headed off for a relaxing massage. Nothing was too much bother for these 4 girls, who were so flexible in organising the spa and our later departure for the ship. We would highly recommend this group.

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