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Newdegate Silo's & surrounds

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June 2018 saw 'Brenton See' painting native Western Australian wildlife on the Silo's at Newdegate. Brenton had to conquer his fear of heights to paint the 20 Metre high murals.

The murals feature a shape resembling a drop of water, which is half-white & half teal, the white represents the salt lakes & the teal represents the freshwater lakes & the rain.In the background are coloured squares showing how the land appears from above, green for the bush land areas & brown, orange & red for the dirt & rocks.

A Mallee Fowl, which is another local bird of the area, is a symbolic depiction of the Region.

The Red-Tailed Phascogale, which is a rare marsupial found only in the Wheatbelt area and a Thigh Spotted Tree Frog.

Litres of paint used = 120
Surface Area Painted = 600M²
Days spent painting = 13
Silo Height = 20 M

First we visited the Silos at Lake Grace as seen above. We then took a drive out to see a ghost town near Lake Biddy.
Lots of desolation at the abandoned townsite.

We visited the Newdegate cemetery and found a lovely chap sunning himself.

A drive past the many salt lakes & beside the wheat fields, with a storm brewing.

Went on an exploration south of Newdegate to find some gnamma holes. Permanent water holes the first Australians used. These were along the Holland track.

On our walk around Lake Grace we noticed this delightful metal tree at the back of the St John ambulance building.

Also a tile pathway leading up to the hospital and the old Inland Mission Hospital telling it's history & mosaic's children made now installed as a pathway around the hospital.

Painted murals on the buildings in town, depicting local women who have influenced the region.

In honour of Ian's birth year they brought water to Lake Grace in 1958.

Back home for a cuppa & rest as a storm hit before our last night at Lake Grace.

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Perup Natures Guesthouse

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After leaving Borden travelling along the Northern side of the Stirling ranges we came across a few more free range emus, at least these ones ran in front of us but away into the bush unlike others we have seen that run at you. The views as we travelled through the Stirling Ranges was spectacular.

On our way home from Borden we caught up with the Busselton Naturalist group for a 2 night stay at the Perup Natures Guesthouse.
The majority of the group stayed in onsite accommodation, we on the other hand stayed on our mobile accommodation. We mingled with the group during the day. The first night, Friday we went on a spotlighting walk & managed to see Kangaroos, Brushtail Possums, one with a baby on its back, a Woylie & the Tawny Frogmoth. Whilst sitting in our caravan enjoying a cuppa a couple of Tammar Wallabies.

Saturday took us on a morning walk through the Native Reserve, unfortunately it rained & our walk was cut a little shorter.

In the afternoon we all went for a short drive to the Tone River Bridge Rest Area which is also a free camping spot. We found some amazing orchids.
Saturday we had a communal shared nibbles, dinner & a happy hour that went for a few hours. Needless to say wine, port & whiskey were shared also.

Sunday, we all headed home. Ian & I drove through Donnybrook & stopped for a late morning tea at the Donnybrook Transit Park. We drove home through the Tuart Drive in the Tuart Forrest, such a relaxing comfortable drive.
We are now home safe & sound from another feel good relaxing holiday & hope you are all enjoying a lovely weekend.

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Borden overnighter (Free camping)

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A quick morning tea stop in Ravensthorpe. The other intrepid couple Margôt & Andrew caught up & said a final good bye as they headed North. We took the opportunity to take a couple of photos of the Seat Art Project.
Our overnight stop tonight is Borden. This is a one shop town although it also has a Tavern which is our dinner destination. The friendly general store Lady directed us towards an area near the sports oval where there had been some sightings of Wildflowers & Orchids. Borden is never mentioned as a place to view Wild Flowers but boy did we see some flowers. If you like flowers put it on your list of places to visit.

Was thinking of picking up some fuel, but Pump said no...and they're very safety conscious in Borden.
Borden street Artwork

The primary school had this lovely Lady.

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Horseing around on Kulin Bush Races race day

The night before race day was showery and windy. The rain helped soften the track a little, even if it didn't bring a smile to the farmer's faces.
It is the races 25th anniversary.

The tin can horses built to be auctioned off with prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd. 8 horses line up for their own race. The remainder of the proceeds is donated to the RFDS.

You can vote for the best new Tin Horse. Winners will join the Tin Horse Highway.

And there are many vans, campers and tenters onsite

Spot the van with the triangle

The horses were a impressive sight.

Dust kicked up by the horses was an ever present hazard.

Of course the New Zealanders were catered for...

After the races are finished you can warm yourself by some fires, while the band plays.

Or you can watch the fireworks...

Sunday morning saw us heading off to an unplanned location. Before we got onto the main road we were in a gridlock, full of caravans and horse floats.
And what caused this traffic jam you may ask? A random breathe test station, with one officer doing the testing!

We picked up some morning tea and lunch at Narrogin, at the only place open in town, but supposedly the best pie place. Ran into the bus load of football guys from Busselton, who also had been at Kulin for the races. Some were still a bit the worse for wear, and a couple had trouble staying upright.
Walking back to our home on wheels we came across a couple enquiring about our van and car. They were a couple from Tasmania, who asked where are all the caravans coming from as they were coming from the opposite direction. We enlightened them about the Kulin Bush Race weekend. They also have a New Age van, and a jeep grand cherokee.

Lunch at Collie, where we made the decision to head for Bunbury and the free camping area at Wyalup-Rocky Point. Unfortunately the Info Centre, where you should pick up a permit, was closed so just heading to the parking bay anyway!
The camping area provides you with a great sunset view, and access to beach activities.
Dinner for the last night of this adventure was a Bunbury restaurant with a view, Back Beach Cafe.
Home tomorrow to get Deborah to work on Tuesday.

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Shakedown day 2

After the weather cleared up a little we took a drive over the estuary to the Bunbury city markets, and picked up some Capel mandarins plus some yummie marinated prawns and scallops. Returning them to Melba we indulged in a coffee before heading off again, but this time walking.

We found the kids playground on the koombana foreshore, the local sculpture, and a few relaxing chairs along the beach walkway.

As we headed into town for lunch we came across some wall artwork.

Lunch was at The Rose Hotel. Ribs and a stir-fry of sweet potato glass noodles with beef and mushrooms. Plus a ginger beer and Guinness.

As we walked back to Melba we noticed another van we recognised. Lynne & Missey came to stay also. Of course we got together for a cuppa & a chat.

We are heading back home tomorrow.

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