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Queensland trip - Part 2

Picked up some fresh fruit & vegetables from a road side market stall just past Gympie to bring back to Maxine & Neil's new home. The road trip took us about 5 hours & was a good trip.

Big day out to DFO & Costco, Brisbane. Maxine, Neil, Caroline, Ian & Deb all enjoyed a lovely day out, we all picked up a few bargains & enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Hamilton Hotel.

Ian & I had an afternoon cuppa at Mum and Dad's, where we saw some cute photos of little Deb, her Sisters & Mum & Dad from the precious years before.

Sunday, and Neil & Maxine took us for a scenic drive along the Sunshine Coast roads & saw Noosa which was heaving with people both on the streets & in the restaurants, pubs & clubs. We had a delicious lunch out & drove back through M'ba.
We also had a walk around Max and Neil's neighbourhood, to see all the new development. Huge numbers of new roads, parks and houses being built. Interesting that they lay polystyrene blocks under the reinforcing mesh, before concrete pouring. Most houses are also wood framed, not double brick.

Tuesday Dad drove us to Baroon Pocket Dam, just out from Maleny which was once dominated by Bunya Pines emerging as tall as 50 metres from subtropical rainforrest. 180 million years ago, giant sauropod dinosaurs dined on Bunya nuts and spread the seeds. Fossil trees closely related to Bunyas have been found in Europe and South America. Gradually the ancient Bunyas dissapeared from around the world remaining only a few pockets of basalt soils in Queensland. Two of the biggest forests of Bunyas are in the Blackall Range and in the Bunya Mountains.

Baroon Pocket has some areas of tall eucalypt forest. Tallwwood Eucalyptus microcorys are food for Koalas Phascolarctos cinereus,considered locally vulnerable today.

We saw the butterflies, birds & a racehorse goanna nearby sunning itself & what a lovely sight to see.

On the way we stopped to view the countryside at Gerrard & then Dulong Lookout. Both with spectacular views of the countryside.
Thanks goes to Deb's Mum for making us all a lovely picnic, thankyou Mum.

The Dam itself is always full to overflowing as it received 2000mm annual rainfall. The water is for local household use.

We caught the brink of a sunset as we returned to Maxine & Neil's home. It is beautiful from where ever you are in the world, isn't it.

We had a chillaxing day the next day in preparation for our trip the following day to Brisbane.

Drive to Brisbane from the Sunshine Coast
On our way down to Brisbane we took the opportunity to do a Sunland caravan Factory Tour. It's always interesting to see innovative construction methods, including lightweight composite panels, and get new ideas for our future caravanning adventures.
Special thanks to Caroline for picking us up from the car rental drop off location in Brisbane & driving us to our accommodation.

The Point hotel was our chosen accommodation, at Kangaroo Point for our 3 night stay. We enjoyed our stay here. The Staff were very acomodating.

Exploring Brisbane
We chose to take a free Ferry ride into Brisbane, followed by free bus to view the City Centre.

Look what we found at Myers...See these new innovative items from LitmusLab.com.au
The helmet, called Livall, had 24 vent airflow, improving airflow, immediate notification of any accident you may have, indicators for left and right turn, one touch phone pick-up, communication with fellow riders, Bluetooth music and more.
What a table! Bluetooth music and also recharge compatable phones just sitting on top of this glorious table.

We took a Taxi to Southbank to see the Markets & street art.

Also at the Southbank is the Epicurious garden.
A community area where fruit, herbs and vegetables are grown, and sold on a few days a week.

Some of the street art on offer include:

Finally, a big shout out to Maxine and Neil, for their patience, laughter and putting us up at their place.

We have arrived home to Busselton safe & sound @ 5.40pm. Thanks to Rob & Rose who picked us up and had some grocery essentials for us. How thoughtful of the.
It was a big day at the office for us both. Our trip started at 6.45 am for the travel leg. After a Caroline uber/driving us to the airport. Thanks Sis. The plane flight from Brisbane was delayed 30 minutes as a passenger boarded then decided not to fly so the airline had to find the passengers bags and offload them, then repack the remaining passengers luggage. We turned our clocks back during flight 2 hours to get back to WA time.
Lucky we had time in between our bus pickup time. We had a smooth flight. Upon entering the WA boarder with our G2G ready we were met with a posse of Police checking all of the passengers G2G passes. 50 passengers were allowed to exit the plane at any one time. Ian & I were met by one Policeman who said, Ian wasn't allowed in with that jumper. It was his Man City jumper. The Policeman was a Liverpool supporter. With our passes all in order, he had no choice but to let us into WA. We had a brief wait till the South West Coach lines bus arrived to take us home. Chris our driver got us safely back to Busselton without a hitch. Rose & Rob kindly brought us home. So after 13 hours travel we are very happy to be home.
Have a great week everyone!

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Queensland trip - Part 1

Not quite a camping or cruising trip, but we managed to get a flight out of WA to visit the relatives in Queensland. The Sunshine Coast to be precise.
There is Deb's Mum & Dad, Mary & Basil (who live in Sippy Downs, QLD) Caroline Deb's older Sister ( currently residing in New Zealand). Maxine & Neil Deb's younger Sister & hubby who live on the Sunshine Coast & us.

We enjoyed catching up over lunch at the Buderim Hotel with the folks, Maxine & ourselves while we waited patiently for Caroline to fly over from New Zealand that day. What a view from the hotel overlooking the sea and the mountains.

Maxine & Deb took a drive to the International airport to collect Caroline Monday night. Caroline & Lilly (black) & Dexter (white), Maxine & Neil's two furbabies.

We all visited Mary & Basil for morning tea. Poor Neil, he had to work.
Mary was up early & made some fruit scones for us all. We had our favourite jam of all time as kids, Rosella Jam, made with love by our Mum. Thanks Mum, it was delicious.

We could not help ourselves, Caravaning had to be included in our trip so we took a drive to Coolum to have a look through the Zone RV factory. A well oiled ship with interesting & unique contruction methods.

Visit to Eumundi Markets Wednesday morning. Here are Deb's Sisters.

After a couple of hours Ian & I headed North to Agnes Water. We had to cross a few creeks and rivers, and drive past some cane fields.IMG_20210421_151933296_HDR.jpgIMG_20210421_152559499.jpg

We stayed at the Seashells Motel & Resort. On our journey we crossed a few rivers & sugar cane fields & lots of QLD farm houses.

Thursday we took a drive around the twin town sites. Agnes Water & Seventeen Seventy. We found a fruit liquor distillery called 1770 Distillery. The fruits in the bottle are all pure fruit, no concentrate, colourings. Yes Deborah bought a Strawberry liquor.

As Ian's want, he found a library near the Information Centre ofcourse.
We visited The Captain Cook Monument site of Cooks first landing in QLD. The walk beside it is home to the Migratory Blue Tiger Butterfly. We were fortunate on our walk to see these beautiful tiny quick moving Butterfies.

Back at Agnes Water we found "workers campground" the apparently free camping area Closed.
Back to our lovely apartment to have a quick dip in the pool.
Happy Hour then commenced on the balcony.

Our drive Friday commences at Agnes Water through Bundaberg and leisurely through to Maxine & Neil's later in the day.

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Orcas @ Bremer Bay

Day 1. Had a scenic bus trip through Manjimup. Stopped off for a lovely coffee & walk through the Power & Timber museum. And don't forget to whistle while you work.
We visited Jardee which is one of the original timber towns. It's a place where old cars become gardens.
Were treated to lunch at Mt Barker Hotel where 4 generations of the one family prepared our lovely meal. Drove past Bluff Knoll and onto the Bremer Bay Resort, our home for the next four days + three nights. The first night we took a walk to the Bremer Bay Brewing shed to have a drink, and Deborah was steady enough afterwards to make it back to the Resort, Even after encountering 2 kangaroos on the footpath!

Day 2. We headed out for a boat trip with Whale Watch WA to see a selection of marine life including the ultimate predator " Orcas".

Blue Planet III Bremer Canyon unfolded today in picturesque weather as Orca, Sperm Whales, Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins and an exciting sighting of False Killer Whales made for an incredible day. Albatross and Shearwaters soared as we were escorted out to The Patch in their company as leaping pilchards cascaded across the waters surface. A special day ahead was set as we enjoyed the company of the worlds largest toothed predator, the incredible Sperm Whale. Today we had the opportunity to observe four different individuals who were all extremely relaxed and welcomed us to their surface preparation for their next deep dive before lifting enormous flukes high and disappearing to the depths below. One of the most beautiful moments to observe in the animal kingdom is the tail dive of a Sperm Whale and today we had four perfect examples.

Season 2021 still has surprises as for the first time this season False Killer Whales (Pseudorca crassidens) were sighted as they surged with excitement. It was a joy to observe this infrequently sighted species in these waters, their movements are not as predictable as other cetaceans so time with them is a privilege. Powerful and sleek movers, the Pseudorca are top hunters and love targeting pelagic fish and squid species which the Bremer Canyons are renowned for providing in enormous quantities. Playful and relaxed as they surrounded us, we had well over one hundred individuals as the fun level was about to step up a notch as Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins joined in with the activities. It was great to observe the Bottlenose happily travelling with the Pseudorca and the large pod of 150+ cetaceans took over an enormous area of the Southern Ocean which was a very beautiful sight. The name False Killer Whale may be used to describe this species due to their similarities to the Orca but there is nothing false about these creatures, they are genuinely beautiful and charismatic individuals who bring the ocean to life with their energy and enthusiasm.

Just to make sure the Pseudorca didn’t completely steal the show, B-Slice and his family pod reclaimed their stretch of the feeding grounds as the Orcinus Orca moved through with confidence. Relaxed and playful as the family interacted amongst each other and approached curiously. The loud bellow of B-Slice as he exhaled emanated through the still afternoon as the rest of the family pod greeted the arrival of big male Giovani. Newest pod member Millie raced towards us excitedly as the family pod regrouped and were ready for their evening ahead. Champagne on the beautiful afternoon cruise back towards Bremer Bay Boat Harbour was the perfect way to celebrate the magnificent wildlife we had the privilege of observing today. Our Blue Planet III Bremer Canyon day was completed with wonderful Australian Sea Lions as they shuffled around Glasse Island to find the perfect resting spot. Graeme Drew and his team completed a busy day with some cheeky pilchards within their newly stitched net as full bellied seabirds rested around the Ricki Jo. One of the most diverse and remarkable places on the planet to view wildlife and today was a perfect reflection of this magnificent place and some of the special creatures who reside here.

Day 3. We take a tour of the Wellstead Homestead & museum with the owner Max Wellstead & enjoy a morning tea at the cafe. It was filled with memorabilia & artefacts from the original families through to the more present day. You may remember using some of these items.
There was even a remnant of Skylab, a titanium cylinder.

There was also a range of tractors, cars & motor vehicles.
20210408_110157.jpg20210408_110210.jpgac486060-9842-11eb-b282-3f3236cbe07a.jpg IMG_20210408_105846882.jpgIMG_20210408_105905974.jpgIMG_20210408_120349207.jpgIMG_20210408_120426137.jpg

We headed off in the bus with driver Kevin & wife Jenny our tour guide to visit Tozers Bush Camp with local guide Robert Tozer & enjoy a picnic lunch, with sandwiches supplied from The Telegraph (a cafe inside what was the first telegraph station at Bremer). Robert explained the reasons behind how the camp became established. He has solar panels & batteries, rain water in tanks & water pumped by a nearby dam for showers. He runs this business totally off the grid.
And even though it was pouring with rain at Tozers, there were still some flowers to see.

On the way back we had a short drive through town where an x-local explained a few historical facts & showed us a few scenic sights.

Day 4.
Heading home via Kojonup for lunch, and a nice pie from Kojonup Bakery, then through Collie to Bunbury and finally Busselton.

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Donnybrook Apple Festival 2021

First to arrive was ourselves. We took the location under the tree. The rest gradually arrived in their own time. Two groups from Perth, one from Denmark, another all the way from Konnongorring & two groups from Busselton.

Happy hour started when everyone was settled & another camper DJ Nige gave us some samples of music to entertain us from the back of his working DJ truck with spinning disco balls & smoke pumping out. A plan was made for the following day. After a sleep in, cause the Festival wasn't starting till 10am we all headed over for the start. Depending upon interests we all went slightly different ways to all enjoy the Festive atmosphere. Our first stop was BronnyDs caramelised apple stand & we made a purchase. We also bought a variety of local apples & pears.

Displays included machinery, vintage cars & motor cycles, an Australian draft horse working display & on top of that wine, cider, cheese, honey (we purchased some of this amazing honey, it's great to make a cuppa tea, just a teaspoon in your hot water) & fruit (picked from the tree yesterday), tastings, & lots of local produce.

We had another local couple visit for the day, Sunday to see the Festival & join in on an early Happy Hour session before returning home to Busselton.

The fun of the fair entertainment that we viewed included the wood chopping, Freestyle Motocross jumping by local lad Josh Sheehan &
his team, cooking demonstrations by Anna Gare & Fiona Klein. The Festival finished at 3pm Sunday.

We all had a great time spending quality time over the lovely Easter long weekend.
Some have rebooked sites with BP Donnybrook for 2022 as we exited of the transit park.

Arriving back home. There is no place like home!

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Northam Silos

View Silo Art of Western Australia & Silo Art in WA on iandeborah's travel map.

On our trip home from Merredin via Northam we passed the last Silo for this trip.

In March 2015 artists : "HENSE " & "Phlegm" transformed 8 x 38 metre heigh silos over 16 days. This created Australia's first ever painted silo mural.

"Phelgm" drew his signature whimsical characters on the left.

"HENSE" painted his silos simultaneously. Working across all 4 silos as 1, each design bleeds into the other.
In total the artists used around 740 Litres of paint.

Here endith the WA Silo Art Trail.

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