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June 2018

Singapore to Perth

Wake up and had a biggish late breakfast to tide us over. No food or drink provided on the Scoot flight, but can be purchased onboard.
After the lights at the Gardens by the Bay the night before...
We didn't have much time for anything else. A stroll around the Changi airport, after a very quick and painless GST claim back process, we found the free tastings...we both had a few drams.

Of course we've now discovered more updated facts about Singapore. It provides more of its water than it imports. Over 60% is produced via catchment, recycling waste, and desalination. In fact 40% if that is recycled. The remainder comes from Malaysia.
Unfortunately power is another problem, with 80% supplied via gas pipelines from Malaysia and Indonesia, to burn for electricity.

After the week of low 30 degree humid days it was a cold wet shock arriving back in Busselton. Life goes on, so until the next time, everyone enjoy your adventures wherever they may take you.

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Singapore again day 2

Our last full day in Singapore this time around and we again took the hotel shuttle. This time we ended up at the Great World Centre.
Of course we took another Starbucks moment.
Taking a stroll around the shops Ian found a new friend.
Further along he came across a shop with a few other friends in it. Bottles of single malt whisky.

Later in the day, after a short rest, we ventured out to find Satay by the Bay at the Gardens by the Bay.
We discovered the Marina Barrage, a dam structure at the confluence of 5 rivers, creating Singapores 15th reservoir.
Some great views from the top overlooking the Barrage,
with many locals having picnics and flying kites.

Walking by one of the waterparks in the Gardens precinct.
We eventually got to the dinner spot, and chose to have a selection of 30 satay sticks.
Of course satay had to be accompanied by a Tiger or 2.
We didn't take up the offer of the beer tower...

We walked away from further temptation, past one of the lovely sculptures in the garden.
Next stop was the Gardens by the Bay trees, and the night music and light show.

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Singapore again

After disembarking from the Voyager Of The Seas on Friday 8th June, we headed to our hotel, Copthorne Kings on Havelock Road.
Nice room with a view.
IMG_201806..4157542_HDR.jpg DF1EE891C3C97FB751D6422176BEE2F3.jpg
We took the hotels regular shuttle bus over to Chinatown and checked out the People's Park complex. Shops include one of Deborah's favourites, OG, where she always picks up some shoe bargains.
They also have a very good food market, where we indulged in fish, rice and egg, for the princely sum of $4 each.
Back at the hotel we stayed in to watch some strange language TV, and had a beer and some red wine with potato chips.

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Voyager Of The Seas day 4

The last full day onboard was a cruising day, no land stops.
So what does one do whilst cruising, enjoy one of your free bottles of sparkling wine. ?
We also used our free slot machine spins, and Deborah won a free raffle entry and a t-shirt, which Ian gets to wear. ?
She was on a roll, winning at the jewellery shop raffle. Sparkling wine, a bag and a lovely white hat.
Also, relax on the rear deck with a game of golf, whilst the sun sets.
Of course, since Deborah plied Ian with booze beforehand, she ended up winning. ?

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Voyager Of The Seas day 3

It's all go on this cruise. Day 3 saw us arriving at Phuket, the deep water port in the south east.
We had a tour booked, sea cave canoeing. Not cheap, but something we thought was a bit different. All packed, including towels and our squiggy shoes, off we went. Again, lovely warm slightly humid weather. Interesting, fairly typical, Asian power setup.
We wondered about seat belts, but our driver hadn't put his on so it must be OK! Oops, no it wasn't. Not sure how much he got fined. ?
A bit of the traffic.
And off to the caves. Some fabulous limestone islands along the way before our destination.
Off we go....no paddling for us, we get our own little person to chauffeur us.
Things got a bit low in some spots. Amazing. Only can be done at low tide, for obvious reasons, as if you go inside you won't get out later.
Even got to see a mudskipper fish or 2, in the pool inside the hollowed island.
After the 3 lots of caves we had a lovely cooked lunch and drinks on the boat, then headed for another tropical island beach for a swim and relax. Of course, not so cooling, as the water was warm!

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Voyager Of The Seas day 2

Day 2 we arrived at Georgetown in Penang, Malaysia. We decided to be adventurous and go for a walk around the streets to find the Clan jetties and street art.
The jetties are originally where the seperate, distinct Chinese communities setup. The floating jetties are named after the family/clan, and are still occupied by their descendants. We visited the Chew clan jetty.
The street art is amazing, but some of it is starting to fade... commenced after 2009 to market the UNESCO World Heritage listed Georgetown, the paintings and steel rod sculptures, tell the stories of its communities and history of the streets. Amazing.

Of course there are always food markets in the streets, and this fascinating machine was pulping the coconut husks....

After a hot humid few hours walk, we had to have a drink. Note to self, always change money before commencing your walk. Luckily B@92 accepted Aussie dollars. Nice cold beer.

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Voyager Of The Seas day 1

So, Monday we had a quick look around Singapore before getting onboard.
It's cartoon strip Peanuts 50th anniversary, so we found some Snoopy bling.
Of course a small snack was the required. Weep, it takes more than 2 hands to handle this whopper.
The librarian had to find the Library onboard

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A quickie overseas

Ok, not really a caravanning entry, but it does relate to our triple C title, being a 'cruise' rather than 'caravaning' caper.
Heading through Perth on a fine winters morning.
And waiting for the flight to be ready at Perth airport.
Of course Scoot gave us a chuckle before we boarded, with one of their baggage tags...."too late, sorry mate" ?
As we arrived at the hotel, we spied the wedding cars for the next days festivities.
We took the hotel free shuttle bus off to Paragon shopping centre on Orchard Road, and got our ears blasted by a celebration of the opening of a new shop...even came with the traditional Lion dance to bring it good luck.
Ian noticed some yummy duck dishes for our friend back in Busso. Rose Gibbons these dishes are for you...?
We decided the duck wasn't for us so Deb went for number 1, the bbq fish, and Ian took number 3 the chicken combo.

Off to the ship tomorrow, so will be of the grid until later on Friday.

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