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May 2020

Pumphreys Bridge

The border restrictions for COVID-19 were relaxed so, we thought, what better way to celebrate than a road trip.
A short stop at Peppermint Grove Beach caravan park along the way and a catch up with Neil and Melanie Christophersen, who were at the park for a week after Melanie getting great news about here cancer battle.
Next stop Pumphreys Bridge, north of Dryandra Forest, to meet up with 9 other New Age caravans for a few days.
We took a walk around the local area, and found the tennis courts established in 1946, so it must have been a booming farming area after the Second World War finished.
And it still has its own CWA, with an old swing out the back...
The old bridge, which the area is named after, has seen better days...bit of a jump to get to the other side.
And the new bridge isn't as impressive, but certainly more structurally sound.
The area certainly has some historical buildings, or wrecks, and an old homestead built in 1867 and used as a school from 1944 to 1948.

A nice frolic through the bushes along the river bank provided some lovely landscapes.

Of course our camping buddies did socially distance as much as one can when out in the middle of a recreation oval.

Our drive over to Pumphreys Bridge took us past one of our old camping haunts, Glen Mervyn dam. The water was very low, and no water ski boats allowed this time...but there were a few campers around the edge of the lake.

A storm warning had many of us heading back early on the Sunday morning, to each of our homes. We left before 8am, a morning tea stop at Donnybrook, and we beat the bad weather home.

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A legal break away during Covid-19

We had a week off work & due to Covid-19 restrictions we weren't allowed to travel outside the South West Region.

We hadn't felt comfortable to travel prior to this week. But with the easing of some restrictions we can now travel within our Region.

The New Age Tribe had planned an adventure to come to Peppermint Grove Beach Holiday Park before the border lockdown. We thought it was the right time to give it a try.

We have enjoyed a few walks along the beach & surrounding area. Enjoyed a couple of games of mini golf, using our own putters & golf balls. Had some relaxing time also back at the van.

There is one couple here staying for a year after selling up in Perth & now building a new home in Dunsborough. Otherwise there are two other vans still here and a family with three vans & roof top camper who left today.

Heading home tomorrow to meet up with neighbours on the corners of streets, social distancing ofcourse for Happy Hour. Then back to work Monday for us both

Firstly starting the day as I intend to finish it with a relaxed walk along our beach back home with my dear friend Rose.

Set up at the caravan park, a whole 37 km

A couple of walks to the beach & walking through the neighbourhood.

Then the golfing tournament. Deb won the first round. Ian won the second. Time permitting we will have another game tomorrow before we depart.

Sunset on our final night.

Happy adventures.

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