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March 2020

Not the Crab Festival, Mandurah in 2020

Shades of John Farnham concert at Kings Park when we made it to the Kwinana Freeway & heard on the radio it was cancelled. This time we just made it past Brunswick Junction & heard on the radio, Mandurah Crab Fest 2020 has been cancelled due to fears of covid-19.
We pulled over to contemplate, should we attend or find somewhere else to go this weekend. We had already paid our campsite fees & decided to help the local economy in Mandurah.

After setting up we walked along the foreshore which looked eerie with the absence of people & the stalls erected, but now being dismantled.

Our slow cooker made a wonderful curry, we enjoyed a few drinks & a quiet night in. The park was half full with folks from NSW & an Oz Classic from QLD as our neighbours.

We went to visit Woolies & Bunnings. Have to report the shelves were bare on the toilet roll aisle.
Dome, Baskin & Robins & Bunnings had moved from where we last saw them.

We visited Freedom ( we don't see that where we come from) & a surf store and had lunch on the foreshore.

We went for a walk along the foreshore & over the Mandurah Bridge & low and behold 'arrrgh' a Pirate Ship sailing below us looking for some treasure.

Seen by our very own eyes some free range crabs moving in the water's. Percy too also put in an appearance.

Here's the loved up shot I know you've been waiting for.

There was a line up for crabs. We were 3rd & 4th in line & purchased some crabs. The chanel 7 news team snapped us in the long queue & we managed to be on the news Saturday night.
We purchased our crabs & wandered back to the van for a nanny nap. A quiet night in. The rain was peaceful to hear on our rooftop.

A lovely scenic drive home was had.
Stay safe, have fun & let's look after each other.
And may the toilet rolls, erm sorry, the Force be with you...

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Nannup Music Festival 2020

The Labour Day long weekend each year is the date of the Nannup Music Festival. A huge range of musical acts, a multitude of venues, and so little time.

We camped at the local golf course, behind the Nannup Recreation Centre, our first time at this camping area. To call it dry, is giving a desert a bad name. Still, it was relatively cheap compared to the caravan park which charges like a wounded Bull during festival time and needs booking a year in advance. As it was the festival was a sold out event, 2500 tickets, and the golf course pretty well standing room only.

Our first night we walked down main avenue past some of the decorations and food vendors.
Into the main amphitheatre for a few acts and stormy skies.

A stroll through Nannup on our free time you encounter many interesting sites, such as the Tiny Tea House.

We had free tickets to the music venues due to our weekend volunteering efforts. Trailer Trash was our job. Basically we were to transport the full trailers if rubbish to the tip, but we ended up helping empty bins and bag rubbish then fill the trailer.

We also, on our last rubbish trip, encountered an incident on the highway thru town. A car towing a pop top caravan lost its load...the van fell off the ball. Trailer Trash to the rescue. Deb stopped the traffic, and Ian helped lay the caravan back onto the ball.
A friendly reminder to the owners to cross the trailer chains, he hadn't, so the tow hitch had hit the deck. No damage, just to his pride.

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