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Tasmania, The Journey Home - Wudinna to Busselton, WA

Wednesday 24 April 2024
Leaving Kimba, the wind gods were kind to us as we head westward again towards Wudinna (wood-nah). This town has an RV parking area at the showgrounds, providing power and water for $15 per night with toilets, and a shower if needed for an extra $2. Or unpowered and no water hook up for $10 per night. We opted for the $15 option. Deborah got the washing sorted and cooked her delicious sourdough bread for lunch.
After setting up we took a walk around the town to check the shops, including op shop, bakery, Foodland and Library. They also have a statue, 'The Australian Farmer's, a contemporary 8.5 metre high granite sculpture. Representing the early settlers of the region with wheat sheaths on the torso with sheep around the base. It's amazing to see day or night.
Stores in town
They think of everything and everyone at the RV Park.
Ian was a happy chappy after seeing the towns Library.
Afterwards we took one of the suggested scenic drives. This one took us to Polda Rock and dam.
This is the rock surface.
The Dam
We then drive past Turtle Rock and on to the magnificent Mt. Wudinna. Mt Wudinna is locally claimed, at 260 metes high, to be Australia's second highest granite monolith. It sure has great views from the top.
Ian did a bit of pondering right up the top. Secret Mens business Deborah was told.
After walking very carefully down from Mt Wudinna Deborah decided a little rest was in order. The views were magnificent from a special seat she found.
A little walk to see the picnic facilities, iron art and fire pits around the bottom. Unfortunately you cannot camp here but certainly would be a great picnic spot. The views are magic from this area. We could see for miles and miles. What a privilege to climb this beauty.

Thursday 25 April 2024
Anzac Day, Lest we forget!
The road beckoned once again. Where will we end up today? Lunch was at Wirrulla. This has a nice $15 a night campground with power and water and wait there's more, showers. After picking up 2Litres of milk at the general store we moved on. There was a lot of traffic heading East but very little travelling Westward like us. Fuel and a free hot shower from the Ampol Service Station, in the town of windmills, Penong. But our stop for the night was Cohen Old School Site, 14 kms West of Penong. A sunny day and we reached 21 degrees maximum today and a minimum of 9.7 tnis morning.

Friday 26 April 2024
10.1 degrees in the van this morning . We hit the road running to see how far we could get, 569km to be exact. There were lots of long straight stretches of road, not a sharp corner or steep hill to be seen.
Unfortunately the road kill count in SA, in the first hour of travel included 4 wombats. Luckily 2 Emus strolling across the highway were spotted in time for us to slow down and safely avoid them. A lot of traffic we passed was headed eastward. Including a couple of vehicles we literally had to get off the road for them to pass.
Our morning tea stop today.
We reached an auspicious milestone, pun intended, Rocky the Jeep ticked over 100,000km.
At peg 70, 70km east of the WA/SA boarder we saw an optical illusion which turned out to be 2 trucks back to back, not one truck.
Today we gained 45 minutes near the boarder. After passing at the boarder today our inspector just happened to be a Manchester United supporter. Initially he was going to refuse us entry due to our car number plate (MANCTY FC), luckily for us his wife is a MAN City supporter. He asked permission to take a photo of our plate to show his wife and cousin who is also a City supporter. We are happy to report we were let back into WA as we passed the inspection with flying colours. We seem to have gained another 45 minutes. Our watches are in denial at the moment, however tomorrow with internet reception we feel it will all be resolved. We have now crossed the boarder and are now several hundred km into WA. The outside temperature reached 21 degrees. Our night stop is at Moodini Bluff. Deborah baked a loaf of bread upon arrival for tomorrows lunch.
Today has been a big day due to the added 1 hour and a half of daylight.

Saturday 27 April 2024
We hit the road again and not long down the track Ian spied a dead dingo on the side of the road. We encountered 2 push bikes and riders, heading in our direction, so we gave them plenty of room as we travelled by.
Our coffee stop today was at Caiguna near this sign
Ian spotted an emu running from one side of the highway to the other, as they ran just behind a car that was driving towards us. It reached 26 degrees by 1.30pm WA time. Deborah got her wish, she was handed the keys and drove the second half of the 90 mile straight and beyond. No animals were harmed on this adventure. Although Ian's blood pressure medication helped him as he sat in the passenger seat admiring the view.
Our lunch stop was at Harms Lake. Just as we drove off again about a kilometre into the journey Deborah noticed on a hill about 500 metres from us, was about a dozen free range camels. These are the first camels we have seen this trip. We have been passing a heap of Variety Bash cars going in the opposite directions, here is one of them.
As we were driving along we saw evidence of the bush fire along the Nullarbor from February earlier this year where a 370km of the Eyre Highway was closed.
Our destination today is Norseman free RV camp, the end of the Nullabor drive.

Sunday 28 April 2024
Getting up this morning was a cool misty morning, not too dissimilar to our mornings at Bannon Park free camp in Tasmania.
Morning tea today was at the beautiful townsite of Salmon Gums. One of the main events of the day happened as we were leaving Salmon Gums. Many salt lakes were seen on our drive although all empty of water but full of salt. Rain drops falling on the car. Ian stopped to put the wet weather flap in the Dometic Dust Reduction System (DRS)in the caravan. Continued on uninterrupted to Ravensthorpe. A well oiled pitstop. We hit the toilets, drove to the very conveniently located water tap and Ian topped up the tank while Deborah weaved her magic in the kitchen, to make a delicious soup and sourdough toast. We then headed to Hopetown Free RV camp. A along the way avoiding a troupe of Emus in the paddock next to us. Deborah yelled, STOP. As Ian screamed to a holt, no breaks or following vehicles were damaged in this endeavour. Deborah had spotted a lovely T-Pot, picture perfect but too big to take home. It was tight, but luckily we could fit into a designated spot to stay for up to 48 hours. Went for a walk into town to pick up some Fish & Chips and prawn fritters for dinner from Go Nuts. It was cooked by the same guy as always and to perfection. The temperature reached a sweltering 17 today and most of the day we had cloud cover. We still reached 100 percent in the battery on-board the caravan.

Monday 29 April 2024
We had a walk into town to check out the bakery. Enjoying a relaxing day today. This afternoon we had a lovely stroll along the beach. The weather started off sunny and then early afternoon it turned windy and overcast.

Tuesday 30 April 2024
The ranger came around this morning and issued move on noticed to those who have not had an officially dedicated grey water tank and a toilet onboard. The bucket underneath just doesn't cut it at Hopetoun.
A revisit to Fitzgerald National Park was in order today. On the way into the park is a small camping area run park the Parks Department, Four Mile beach which has beach access and close by is Barrens Beach.
Barron Beach
We last visited the park in September last year with the Busselton Naturalists, on our 2023 long range camping trip. Spring had then provided a good array of wildflowers and fauna, but mid autumn still provides a beautiful outlook but with less flowers at Barrens Lookout.
Mt Barren
Lunch back at the van was a triumph of Deborah's skills. A huge bun in the oven, delish.
And finally a walk around town took us past the Shire information office, Community Resource Centre and Library. A lovely window plus native garden with interpretive signage. On display were some Pincushion Hakea flowers, which reminded us of our own garden.

Wednesday 1 May 2024
A visit to another previous wildflower destination, Borden. Whilst driving along we were listening to the ABC rural hour, as you do, and talking about running out of hay for stick feed. And what should pull out ahead of us but a double banger truck load of hay bales.
Ian had poo pooed the idea there'd be much in the way of wildflowers at Borden at this time of the year. But we found what appears to be an orchid just opening, a few other flowers and a huge moth about 8 cm long. Ian named this orchid the MayDay Orchid.
The Borden School entrance wall art was impressive as was the street art and the song.
Borden is such a quiet, payback town we do love our visits here. On our walk around town we saw some great specimens. The protea looks so happy where it is planted.
We spent a couple of dollars in town by going out for dinner at the Tavern. Great food, friendly and welcoming staff. Would we swing by again and use the free camping options, we most certainly would.

Thursday 2 May 2024
A leisurely start to the day after our cuppa as we have a planned lunch date at the famous Mount Barker Bakery, only 160 kms away.
The mountains today had clouds sitting on top. It was drizzling throughout the day. At one stage we saw an Emu right beside the car as we drove along the highway. In Mount Barker we spotted this fabulous wall art.
Tonight's destination is Rocky Gully, WA, a free camp opposite the newly renovated and reopened Rocky Gully Roadhouse. Check it out online. Our camp spot is also the school bus pickup/drop-off point.

Friday 3 May 2024
After an extremely quiet night due to lack of night traffic on the Muir Highway we headed off for a morning tea catch up in Manjimup. Within the first 5km Ian started to rapidly slow the combo down, as we saw two kangaroos a Mum or Dad and the young one, right beside the bitumen on our side of the road. The Adult crossed, the youngster hesitated but then jumped across the road. Luckily we avoided these two and continued onwards. We caught up with Lynne, Joc & Dan. Fuelled up and headed to Balingup for our overnight stop, this is our last night out on this trip. A walk into town to browse the local shops. Then home for afternoon tea. The night markets were on in town tonight. We picked up some fresh honey from this beaut ute. Deborah does love a good looking ute.
On our last night out in Marmalade for this trip we though we just had to finish it with Tasmanian cooked salmon and chips and veggies.
Our site, beside the oval.

Saturday 4 May 2024
This morning we were entertained by a game of soccer. The under 15s second game of the season. The Bunbury team played Balingup.

We swung by Donnybrook and saw they have updated the information at the transit park.

We arrive home in Busselton, our home today after almost 5 months on the road and 15,309 kilometres travelled. We have had an epic adventure. Ian & I would like to thank you for coming along on the ride with us.
Until next time.

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Oops spelt Barrens wrong darn spell check ✔️

by RoseandRob

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