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The build of our Sunland Scorpion 2022 18ft 6inch

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After 4791 km travel from Busselton to Caboolture we pick up our van very very soon.

This is our build progress
We decided the 18foot 6 is the size we are comfortable with. Ian wanted the alloy chassis as it was lighter but stronger. We love our separate toilet & shower. We opted for the Natures Head toilet this time round. We love the cafe seat. We have the option of taking the window cushion off for those days you have friends or family camping with you & it may just be a rainy day. The leather side cushion lifts up for ease of removal for comfortably seating 4. We love sitting outside under our awning and watching the world go by. We have a queen bed back home for our future travels. it has been custom made by Mr Mattress in Rockingham but it was not possible to bring it over in the car for our trip back home. We had a self inflatable infamous Ikea covag brand double mattress that we brought over for this trip home in the van.
We love the cupboards & slick door finish with self closing drawers. The windows are huge in this van. Ian is very happy with his big tool box which hinges from the sides up. The gas bottles are on the drivers side & easy to get too. The other side is for the travel of our Ziggy bbq.

We ordered & paid deposit May 2021. Our initial visit to the factory in April 21 where we met & talked to Tarrot (The owner Roy Wyss Jnr's Son & bossman) & Dereck.

27th May 2022
Alloy Chassis finished Friday 28 May 2022 - picture sent by text from Tarrot
The 2 wheels are factory wheels for ease of moving it around in the workshop from one team to the next.

1 June 2022
Build pictures Tuesday 1 June 2022 - picture sent on text from Michael

3rd June 2022
We received the invoice from Sunland Caravans to pay. Needless to say, that bill has now been paid & when the van is ready we can take the it home.

6th June 2022
We received a call from Tarrot advising the van will be ready 15th or 16th June, tba closer to finish. Photos arrived not long after, some from Tarrot & some from Michael both of them are involved in the sales side of the Sunland Business.

8th June 2022
We received a text from Tarrot today with a few more pictures.

9th June 2022 Factory visit - Did not disappoint. John, the Leading hand gave us a full tour of our van.
It was amazing to see our van evolve in front of our eyes.

13db2aa0-e879-11ec-b043-378912d1f78b.jpgIMG_20220609_145315344_HDR.jpgIMG_20220609_145605670.jpgIMG_20220609_145626704.jpgIMG_20220609_145642936.jpg to


Dining/ Kitchen

Ensuite & Fridge recess

Interior Ceiling

13th June 2022
Photos from Michael today. We asked about a firm date for collection, Michael said he would in the next couple of days. Tarrot said previously it would be ready 15/16 June.
Our van appears to have moved up a slot inside the workshop. It is the next to head out of the factory when finished.
The decals are on
Tanks look to be installed
Tunnel boot hatches installed
Water pump, Girard hot water system, red water valves & solar batteries look to be installed.
Fridge, roof & side vents installed. ? Gas heater under the fridge may also be installed. TB Confirmed.
? Natures Head toilet system installation.
It is coming along nicely.

16th June 2022
Photos from Michael this morning.
We have cupboard doors & drawers, a fridge, microwave, stereo, taps throughout, solar panels.
Awaiting gas hot water switch beside the bed, washing machine, maybe batteries as there are a lot of wires hanging out of that battery boot hatch, bed base, leather seats & basically the word to say it's ready for collection.

17 June 2022
Requested confirmation for a pick-up date from Michael. Response suggested most likely Tuesday mid morning.
The staff have been asked to work back late Friday & Saturday.
Today it appears we have the DRS installed, a tv antenna & our van is now sitting outside but in front of the workshop. If the batteries are installed it should be generating power when the sun is up. ETA on the QLD number plate is 001 UNA. We will change over to a WA registration sometime after we reach home in Busselton.

17th June 2022
It appears from the pictures we are waiting on electrical work to be completed. External running lights & external lights, internal fans. Not sure if the washing machine is in yet or if the Natures Head toilet is installed.

21st June 2022
Best laid plans!
No matter how you prepare. You can never prepare for the worst eventualities.
We knew Sunland had been experiencing ongoing issues. The first floods, then the second floods, Covid and it's offshoots with staff then families off work, supply chain issues, inability to hire new skilled staff. All these factors conspired to delay the delivery of our van and then we rock up on the delivery day to find the cleaner was off with Covid.

We tried to reinforce the point they need to under promise & over delivery.

We were scheduled for a mid-morning handover today at Sunland.
Received a call from Michael at 9.10 as we head off to the factory for pickup. It seems they still need to clean the van & we were informed it would be ready at 11.30. We said we would be there at 10.30 as we have told him since the pick up has stretched out further we can now not afford the time to do a little trip in QLD before we leave Brisbane to reach our deadline of being home by the end of the month. We arrived needless to say nothing goes smoothly when you want it too.

The cleaner called in sick with Covid today. The light clean had not been done on the van. Deborah will clean it up when we get home. We just need to get on the road.
Before we left underneath the bed had been cleaned by one of the staff.

The workshop guys did a great job putting on the antiflap brackets, stone stomper brackets, & Kyle that installed the towel rails & toilet roll holder.
I can say I was initially disappointed the fridge was not on. I had 2 bags of fridge & freezer items with me to pop inside for our journey home to WA. After what felt like an hour they finally turned it on. Surprisingly it did not take long to cool down. I popped all my cold goods inside just before we left the factory.

Due to the factory not having the mirror finish on the fridge upon pick up, without letting us know, Tarrot discussed on handover some alternative options with Deborah, who did choose to run with the installation of additional kitchen benchtop material as the fridge front (luckily they had some of that material in the factory or that option would not have been on offer.) The factory workers swung into action, cut to size & inserted after Deborah gave it the nod. It looks so much nicer than the black option initially given in lieu of the mirrored finish. We were advised the mirror front arrived broken & Tarrot was made aware of it an hour earlier. I did ask why were we not told then.
Tarrot advised of the reasons he does not recommend the mirror type front.
Ie. They are a heavier option & can crack when going off-road, the other was they hold condensation. I would have liked to have been told this when we opted for this change in the first instance as it was a no brainer.

Michael finished off the handover after Tarrot had to help out as Michael was busy with some new customers.
Tracy initially treated us. She added a very welcoming personal, friendly touch.

Some things we need to remember for the future include:

  • Tyre pressure for the van on road was suggested as 55psi. Offroad 25-30psi.
  • Our fridge being a compressor runs off the van batteries or 240 volts. It does not run from the car when travelling.
  • Due to the lithium battery set up it was required to have a regulated portable solar panel rather than the unregulated one Ian wanted. The order for this on the van had been on for over 12 months, we were only told this at pick up.
  • Another hold up at handover was that the screen (bought from Sunland Caravans today) in the car for the caravan rear camera was not receiving a signal/picture. After the electrical technician checked it out it was determined that it didn’t seem to be a caravan issue. So unfortunately we are travelling home without the caravan rear camera working. It will be looked at when we get home.

Deborah's UHF skills have been working very effectively with other vehicles & truck drivers.

Our Scorpion was the last made by the factory we were told. Sunland Caravans now offer 3 models of the Blue Heeler. Tarrot & cameraman Michael did a quick video of our van which they will place on the Sunland Caravans U-tube soon. You won't miss it as it is the only orange Scorpion made & we are loving it.

After a very late handover finished with a 2.30pm departure from we finally Sunland Caravans heading South through Brisbane. We chose to use tolls as we thought it would expedite us out of Brisbane & it did. After phoning the toll company to pay the toll the following day they told us to wait for the invoice to come & then pay within 3 days or we would have to pay an additional admin fee.

Today was the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year.

Then off we head to Busselton, our home in the South West of WA, a place we call home.
We will be driving as many daylight hours to make it back for what is set to be a very special family event.

Amazingly, and possibly due to using toll roads, we had a very smooth run out of Brisbane.
Today our destination was as far as we could get before sunset. We arrived at Maryvale, QLD at the Crown Hotel to park up for the night. More on that on the next blog.

If you want to view the utube video Sunland Caravans have just published feel free to take a look. Here is the link
Copy and paste the line above into your internet browser to view.

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Looks great. Glad you had a great time with family. Try not to tire yourself out doing too much driving. Take care. Stay safe.😀

by Melanie

Thanks Mel. Please reread the last sentence in our blog. I have added the video walk through Sunland did of our van. Cheers Deb & Ian. @ Dolo Rest Area, NSW.

by iandeborah

Congratulations you two! It looks fab…happy times ahead!
Love Karen and Phil x

by Karen Makin

Love the bright orange colour. Your quilt looks fabulous. Looking forward to seeing you both and your new van soon. Have a safe trip home.

by Michele

On the road again ...fantastic, watched the video...love the orange... all looks great......hope you enjoy the loo haha. The quilt is perfect Deb.

by Jan Clarke

Jan. Thanks. I really love the quilt too. We do love the loo. Cheers Deb & Ian

by iandeborah

Thanks Michele. I picked up a little something for you today from the Peterborough Op shop for your bag.

by iandeborah

Thanks Karen & Phil. Many adventures ahead that's for sure. Love Deb & Ian.

by iandeborah

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